Monday, August 19, 2013

A Martial Artist Knows… Confidence is the difference between knowing and wanting.

We live in a society where everyone “wants” but few are willing to put forth the effort necessary to get what they want.  This is true in the martial arts community as well. Everyone wants a Black Belt but regrettably most do not get much beyond the wanting stage. 

Wanting is the beginning of discovery.  If the person who wants something understands that wanting is not enough – to make the want become reality requires action.  At times it seems Newton’s laws of motion keep people from pursuing their wants. An object at rest tends to stay at rest, it does not move until an action is imparted upon it. Personal growth and development requires action otherwise it is just a want. 

When you want something, what are you willing to do to get it.  Typically pursuing a want requires that you are going to need to forgo something else.  Many express the want to become a Black Belt, or a professional sports player, or a millionaire, or a doctor, or a….. you get the idea.  While all these are worthy goals, the questions becomes what are you willing to give up to achieve those goals.  Typically the exchange involves time, effort, money or more typically all of the above. To become a Black Belt requires that you are going to give up some other activity in order to be taught a martial art and then also time to practice.  Too often people are unwilling to exchange their comfort activities (watching TV, playing on the computer, hanging out in the bar) for an opportunity to grow and develop.  They are therefore left wanting. 

A person who has made the sacrifices to turn their wants into realized goals understand what it took to get there. They willingly put forth the time, effort, and money to improve and enhance their personal growth and development.  They “know” where they were, they also “know” where they are now and where they are heading to. They did not merely express a desire, they acted upon that desire. 

Once a person consciously enters a path of personal growth and development it becomes easier and easier to take their wants and turn them into action plans. Momentum builds as they realize their goals and refocus on new goals.  This is a person of confidence. They become people others look to for advice and guidance. They rise to be leaders in their peer group, in their place of employment and in their communities. When they decide they want something they don’t just “want” it they “know” how to make it happen.

The students who rise to Black Belt and beyond are people of confidence.  Black Belts do not see obstacles, they see opportunities. They do not sit back and wait for others to give them what they “want” they go out and get it; realizing that there is great value in earning what they want.  Once you have invested the time, energy and effort to earn knowledge no one can take it away. Confidence is a result of experience (“knowing”), experience comes from action, action derives from a plan and plans have their origin in a want. Are you prepared to move beyond just wanting and into real personal growth and development?

Tang Soo!

Master Homschek

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